Safety Scissor Holster a Finalist in WorkSafety Awards

Founder, Bradley Bond, receiving finalist award in the WA WorkSafety Awards

Safety Scissor Holster nominated as a Finalist for WorkSafety New Solutions to Health & Safety Awards. Category: New Invention 2017.


BOND SAFETY PRODUCTS is proud to announce that the Safety Scissor Holster was one of 3 Finalist in the WorkSafety Awards Wa 2017 in the Safety and Health Invention of the Year category.

Bradley J. Bond, founder of Bond Safety Products is proud of the recognition that WA Safety Industry recognizes the Safety Scissor Holster as an important piece of workplace safety.

“Getting the acknowledgement that the Holster is a unique idea and versatile in Safety measures, injuries globally will be reduced considerably through the use of BSP Safety Scissor Holster. Extensive studies have been considered throughout the introduction and the end result is that we have created a safe means to carry razor-sharp instruments “

More information on the Safety Scissor Holster can be found here.

WorkSafety Award for the Safety Scissor Holster