Safety Scissor Holster

The Safety Scissor Holster

Safety Scissor Holster keeping scissors & shears safe in the workplaceWe’ve all heard the old saying “NEVER RUN WITH SCISSORS “, the Bond Safety Products (BSP) Safety Scissor Holster reduces the Likelihood of an injury occurring…

Instruments such as Razor Sharp Scissor or Shears have for far too long been overlooked where Safety is concerned. The Likelihood and Probability for serious harm is imminent when working with hand tools that are dangerous. Too often personnel are carrying Scissors or Shears in their preferred pockets with the points facing upwards or downwards. This is an extremely dangerous practice for anyone.

BSP have created the Safety Scissor Holster to prevent the threat of Dropped Objects, Poor Housekeeping & Trip Hazards.

With a Retractable Lanyard applied the Holster is a 100% fail proof system implemented to prevent personal injuries in the workplace. Unless inverted upside down the Scissors or Shears cannot fall out. In the case of a Trip Hazard and the tools were dislodged by chance a Retractable Lanyard is a preventative measure for Dropped Objects occurring.

A 3-year trial has been conducted to ensure that the Safety of all personnel in the workplace was ensured. The trial took place in America and Australia. The results confirmed the likelihood to prevent any serious injuries and offer individuals a reliable Holster to carry their hand tools.

3 Year Trial results for the Safety Scissor HolsterReviews were collected with the following results:

  1. All personnel wore the Safety Scissor Holsters daily
  2. No Personal Injuries recorded
  3. No Dropped Objects recorded
  4. No Poor Housekeeping incidents
  5. No Trip Hazards recorded
  6. Holsters maintained structural integrity throughout
  7. Style and Shape proved to be ideal for Confined Spaces and Tight Egress
  8. Utility Pouch at front of Holsters is perfect for Pens, Pencils & Utility Knives
  9. Participants insisted the Holster be implemented as a workplace requirement to ensure the safety of all personnel
  10. Structural integrity and weight was complemented
  11. Positive review for the belt loop allowing a 50mm belt
  12. All participants agreed they could not go back to their old way of using Scissors or Shears as a result of using the Holster

The Holster has a remarkable lifespan and is extremely durable. Unless mistreated a Holster could outlast the lifespan of the Scissors or Shears.

BSP regards the SAFETY FIRST attitude…Work Safety Awards finalist in the Safety and Health Invention of the Year category 2017

The Safety Scissor Holster was nominated as a Finalist in the WorkSafety Awards WA 2017 in the Safety and Health Invention of the Year category.

The Safety Scissor Holster is available for most major brands of scissors including WISS, Sidcrome, Stirling and many others. If there is a particular scissor brand your workplace uses, please contact us for more information.
The WISS brand of scissors is one of the more popular scissors used in workplaces and holsters are available as follows;
12” Holsters suitable for WISS: 
• 12” W22N
• 12” W22W
• 12” W22P
• 12” W1226
10” Holsters suitable for WISS:
• 10” W1225HLSP
• 10” W20SP
• 10” W1225
• 10” W20
• 10” W20W
• 10” W20P
• 10” W30
• 10” W20LH
NUBUCK Holsters suitable for WISS:
• 11” W10TM
• 10” W10T

Further information about WISS industrial scissors and shears can be found at


The Safety Scissor Holster PCT (patent pending)

Like to know more about the Safety Scissor Holster? Contact Bond Safety Products

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