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Bond Safety Products, specialists in workplace safety equipment


Bond Safety Products (BSP) is an Australian owned and operated business specialising in Personal Protective Equipment “PPE”.

Managing Director and founder Bradley J. Bond is proud to launch the Safety Scissor Holster. This PPE is designed and created to protect individuals when working in the workplace from personal injuries. Industries such as Carpet, Fabric & Upholstery use Commercial or Industrial Scissors or Shears.

In Mining, Painters and Blasters build encapsulations to prevent environmental issues, to build the encapsulations Scissors or Shears are required. The Holster is a perfect design for working in Confined Spaces or areas with Tight Access & Egress.

The utility Pouch located at the front of the Holsters is ideal for Pens, Pencils or Utility Knives. Carrying your working instruments at hand is essential.

To date nowhere in the world has there ever been a means to carry a pair of Scissors or Shears which offer individuals Workplace safety for those that use scissors or shearsprotection from Razor Sharp Blades. The concept is simple and practical for everyone to use. Unless inverted upside down your preferred Scissors or Shears could not fall out of a Holster made by BSP.
To prevent a release by applying a Retractable Lanyard in the case of a Trip Hazard. This will ensure no personnel below will be affected by Dropped Objects.
After 30 years in the Carpet, Fabric & Upholstery Industries Bradley J. Bond has created the Safety Scissor Holster as a means to protect and carry dangerous hand tools.

The world annual statistics for recorded Scissor Injuries is as high as 15,943 for Office & School use only. BSP intend to reduce these numbers considerably by introducing the Safety Scissor Holster to all who use Commercial & Industrial Scissors or Shears.

We’ve all heard the old saying “NEVER RUN WITH SCISSORS “ the BSP Safety Scissor Holster reduces the Likelihood of an injury occurring…

Applying a Retractable Lanyard in conjunction with the Safety Scissor Holster, the imminent threat of injuries is reduced considerably.

Employers be aware that BSP Safety Scissor Holster prevents serious injuries in the workplace and is not to be viewed as a Luxury Item but a workplace necessity!!

Contact Bond Safety Products – BSP for your PPE concerns…


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