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Bond Safety Products (BSP) specialise in Personal Protective Equipment “PPE” in the workplace.

The Safety Scissor Holster is an original design to offer individuals protection from Dropped Objects, Poor Housekeeping and Trip Hazards when using Commercial or Industrial Scissors or Shears. Primarily Scissors or Shears are used in the Capet, Fabric & Upholstery Industries. However, Painters and Blasters build encapsulations regularly to prevent environmental issues.

Reinforced PVC Fabric is cut and manipulated around other instruments in a work area. To do this cutting scissors are supplied to personnel. The only means of safety that is offered when using Razor Sharp Blades is a Retractable Lanyard to prevent any Dropped Objects occurring. Forcing personnel to place these scissors in their preferred pockets with the Blades facing upwards or downwards.

This is an extremely dangerous practice…

Safety Scissor Holster is a workplace safety item - PPEBSP have designed a preferred method for carrying these hazardous hand tools in the workplace that offers all personnel, protection against major factors such as Dropped Objects, Poor Housekeeping and Trip Hazards.

With a Retractable Lanyard applied when in use the Safety Scissor Holster is a 100% fail proof PPE necessity for who use Razor Sharp Blades to conduct work.

The BSP Safety Scissor Holster is created for using either a left-hand pair or right-hand pair of Scissors or Shears.

WISS Brand of Scissors & Shears are the most Reparable and popular brand of scissors sold worldwide. BSP has created the Safety Scissor Holster for this one brand of scissors. There are three different sizes of Holsters available that suit 14 styles of scissors sold by the WISS Brand.

Bond Safety Products are also able to supply holsters for most major brands of scissors including; Sidcrome, Stirling and other brands depending upon quantities, just ask us.

Wholesalers; if you are interested in distributing the range of Safety Scissor Holster, please get in touch for more information.

BSP believe the Safety Scissor Holster must not be viewed as a Luxury Item but a workplace necessity for all who use Commercial or Industrial Scissors or Shears in the workplace.


Bond Safety Products (BSP) for all your PPE concerns… Contact us today.


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